Cast & Crew

(to download the whole credits list, click here – .doc or .pdf)

A handful of people made this short. Here’s a list of who did what. First the actors.

Bogdan Cotleț, he played the charming lead, Tarantyno;

Antonia Ionescu Micu, she played Narcisa

and Constantin Diță, who played Tarantyno’s bigger brother, Aurică.

As for the crew…

Mircea Nestor (that’s me) – writer, director and editor.

Adi Marineci and Andrei Goagă – photography

Andrei Rădulescu – camera assistant

Ronella Dumitrescu and Ovidiu Dumitriade – focus pullers

Cornel Ciuleanu – everything sound related

Ana Lișman – casting, script supervisor

Cristi Țane – clapper

Liviu Ștefan – on-set photographer (And at one point agreed to lend his car to the production. We then promptly drove it into a really big ditch.)

Dan Nestor – music, also brother of said writer, director, editor.

A lot of other people helped out. We’re still figuring out the list…


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