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Tarantyno blog“Tarantyno” is a short school film from Romania. It’s not actually done yet (edit: Yes, it is!), we’re still finishing it up, but I guess it’s never too early to set up a… er… basic internet presence. Because we thought we’d actually have something to write under “website” in all those entry forms we send out, we created this blog.

I don’t know exactly what we’ll be putting on it, but I guess we’ll think of something. There’s a thing or two worth mentioning already, so…

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are just interested in the fate of this little film school or if you are one of those festival people that see the forms mentioned earlier, here it is – the great Tarantyno blog!

Feel free to drop in anytime (and even drop a comment or two, helps us think there’s really somebody out there… *sighs* 😛 )

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